Piatella Café Bar – Authentic American Style BBQ Smoked Meats in South East Melbourne


When we think of BBQ in Australia, we tend to think of cooking a snag or prawn on the BBQ, and usually burning it too. But for Americans, BBQ means cooking low and slow, low heat and for a long time. Typically the meat is cooked at 115 – 145 degrees Celsius for many hours to break down the meat fibres. This method is known as smoking, and is being served at Piatella Café Bar in Glen Waverley. 


At Piatelle Café Bar, a Manhorne BBQ is used to produce authentic American style smoked meats to perfection. The Manhorne smoker gives the meat a full-bodied flavour from the apple wood for chicken, lamb and pork and hickory for beef. The different cuts available include half a chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork shoulder, lamb ribs, beef short ribs and pork spare ribs. There’s even an option from the sea in tender octopus covered in a maple-glaze and smoked with ironbark.


And how can you have American style BBQ smoked meats without the classic sides of creamy coleslaw, corn on the cob, pickles, beer battered chips, crispy onion rings and dipping sauces. These sides help round out the authentic American BBQ dining experience

So if you’re based in the South East of Melbourne or travelling in that direction, fear not, you can now also get authentic American style BBQ Smoked Meats at Piatella Café Bar, which is located in the busy Kingsway strip of Glen Waverley right next door the cinema. If you still have some space after the meal, you can even enjoy some of the famous house made crepes and waffles and leave a very happy diner.