The crepes are French.

The Waffles are Belgian.

Our Roots are Greek.

This is European influenced cuisine with a modern Australian spin.

Welcome to Piatella — a multicultural cafe & bar in the heart of Glen Waverley.

The idea of Piatella was originally envisaged during a family holiday to Europe 2 years before its doors opened on Kingsway in 2012. 

Walking the narrow, windy streets of Paris, we were met with the freshest pastries and an aroma wafting through the air that has since become familiar; Crepes.  Nutella crepes to be precise.  One bite and the sense erupted.  The ideas began to flow, and as a result, Piatella was born. 

Greek-Australian owned & operated, food has always been close to our hearts. The name Piatella (Greek word for platter) reflects our passion for food in the portion sizes and the flavour we infuse in every one of our meals. Simply said, we believe all culinary experiences are best shared. With a casual, friendly atmosphere and a globally influenced menu, expect a truly unique Australian dining experience.